The Comics Consortium kids over at Washington Park Library have been coming up with some super fun and weird creatures… We are making Showcase #15 over the next week and a half. Adult artists holler if you would like a quick assignment!



Weird Sewer Globe…=Victor

Angelfire 3.0=Paul Lyons

#Ms. Flutty=Jesus/Dylan

Bad Dragon=Destiny

Uncle Worm=Alex

& more soon…!

A poster project illustrating what women like about their vulvas & vaginas that celebrates the diversity of women’s genitals.

I’m collaborating with Drs. Debby Herbenick and Vanessa Schick on this cool Kickstarter project.  It’s almost 75% funded after only a week but every lil bit still helps!  Almost everything I’ve been doing lately has involved working with these amazing ladies and their sex-researcher projects and I’ve been lovin’ it.